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My skin was always so dry that during winter time it became impossible for me to do any kind of tricks that require body grip. Since body lotions were not an option I've decided to create my own moisturizer. It was important for me to be able to use it on daily basis without exposing myself to any potentially harmful chemicals. Privately, I do my best to live by permaculture premises and guidance so "not harmful" was not good enough. I did my best to make a product that will not only be safe to use but one that would enhance my skin's vitality and provide me with a beautiful, healthy, nourished skin as well as providing me with a strong grip on the pole. And as the final touch, I've recently added vitamin B5 in the formula itself,  so that any damaged, pole burnt or bruised skin could heal much faster.

I gave my pole sisters a try. They loved it and asked for more. So here it is - a 100% natural product that enhances your body grip and the overall health of your skin.

By giving me the perfect "natural feel" body grip, without leaving any trace on skin or pole Hydro Attack makes every training and dance class a pleasure. It works great in cold conditions and when you're unable to warm up properly so it's a perfect choice for performance situations.

Suncana Paro Vidolin

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