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Contestant and winner of following pole dance championships:
1. Pole Theatre Greece 2017 (Athens, Greece), finalist of Classique Pro category
2. Greek Pole Dance Championship 2017 (Athens, Greece), 4th place in Pro category
3. Pole Theatre Greece 2016 (Athens, Greece), Winner in Classique Pro category
4. Greek Pole Dance Championship 2016 (Athens, Greece), finalist
5. Greek Pole Dance Championship 2015 (Athens, Greece), finalist
6. Pole Theatre Croatia 2014 (Pula, Croatia), 4th place in Pole Art category
7. Greek Pole Dance Championship 2014 (Athens, Greece), Runner-Up / 2nd place
8. Pole Dance battle "Euphoria 2013", (Krasnoyarsk, Russia), 3rd place in Exotic category
9. Miss Pole Dance Russia 2013, (Krasnoyarsk, Russia), 3rd place in Exotic category

Olga Spezia is Pole dance & Exotic pole dance master & teacher. She's Russian by origin but lives in Greece and works at Step Up Dance Studio , Thessaloniki as an instructor and choreographer. 

Her moves are mesmerizing and grand. She will sweep you of your feet with her long long hair and legs that do not end. 

And yes!

She uses Hydro Attack body pole grip too.

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She has been pole dancing for only 3 years and just recently opened her own pole dance studio "Star House". Even tho she never entered a competition, if you haven't herd of her - you have missed a lot! 


Why you ask? 

That is because this girl is freakishly creative and in her living room she created many shapes that instantly become popular all around the pole dance world. You def heard of Prodigy, Spleen, Double Knot, Spider, Pin Up and she created many more she didn't even bother to name. 

...and guess what? She uses Hydro Attack body grip too!

So go and show her some love and support!!

If you somehow don't know Joana yet, you're in for a treat: she's an amazing dancer and choreographer, very successful in the ART division of pole dance. Her movement is captivating and she has the ability to surprise you with the unexpected...check her out!

Born in 1981 in Lisbon, Portugal, Joana started her athletic career at a young age practicing acrobatic gymnastic. From 1994 to 2000 she was a federated gymnast from the “Portuguese Federation of Trampoline and Acrobatic Sports”. By the year 2000 Joana stopped competing as an acrobatic gymnast and started dancing.
From 2001 to 2007 she danced streetdance. Breakdance was what she loved the most, participating in several shows/competitions/battles. 
In 2007 Joana took her first pole dance class. Automatically she was dazzled with this dance and never stopped since then.
In 2012 Joana was the first Portuguese pole dancer who participated in an international pole dance competition – “The Art of Pole Dance” (Slovenia) – where she ranked 3rd.

Other competitions:
- “II World Pole Cup” finalist, 2012 / Rio de Janeiro (Brasil).
- “Pole Theatre UK 2015” finalist (Pole Art Category - Professional), 2015 / UK.
- “Pole Theatre UK 2016” winner (Pole Art Category - Professional), 2016 / UK.
- “Pole Theatre World 2016” finalist (Pole Art Category - Professional), 2016 / Prague (Czech Republic).
- “Pole Theatre USA 2017” winner (Pole Art Category - Professional), 2017 / USA.

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So honoured to interduce to you a new ambassador for our Hydro Attack family:


Natasa Belic is a pole sport and art instructor and owner at Aerial Arts pole dance studio in Belgrade, Serbia.

She is a theoretical physicist by education but she left science a long time ago for her true passion - pole!

She competed a lot in pole sport and art competitions from 2014., both in single and doubles elite categories. Her proudest moment so far as an athlete is that she was the first person from Serbia to represent her country on the World pole sport championship 2016. From there she went on to coach the first Serbian pole sport representation, and has been preparing competitors for major international competitions ever since.

She is also an internationally certified head judge and master trainer, and the vice president of POSA world pole sport and art federation’s ethics panel.

She is the owner and managing director of the Serbian Pole Sport Championship, qualifying championship for the World Pole Sport Championship.

She regularly uses Hydro Attack body grip spray to enhance her training and be able to workout without the frustration of a slippery pole.

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