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Olga Spezia – A Pole Dance & Exotic Pole Dance Maestro:

Hailing from Russia and now a resident of Greece, Olga is a remarkable pole dance master and teacher. She shares her expertise as an instructor and choreographer at Step Up Dance Studio in Thessaloniki.

Her mesmerizing moves and grand performances are sure to leave you spellbound. With hair that cascades gracefully and legs that seem to go on forever, she truly captivates her audience.

And of course, Olga relies on Hydro Attack pole grip to ensure every incredible performance is nothing short of perfection.

Contestant and winner of following pole dance championships:
1. Pole Theatre Greece 2017 (Athens, Greece), finalist of Classique Pro category
2. Greek Pole Dance Championship 2017 (Athens, Greece), 4th place in Pro category
3. Pole Theatre Greece 2016 (Athens, Greece), Winner in Classique Pro category
4. Greek Pole Dance Championship 2016 (Athens, Greece), finalist
5. Greek Pole Dance Championship 2015 (Athens, Greece), finalist
6. Pole Theatre Croatia 2014 (Pula, Croatia), 4th place in Pole Art category
7. Greek Pole Dance Championship 2014 (Athens, Greece), Runner-Up / 2nd place
8. Pole Dance battle "Euphoria 2013", (Krasnoyarsk, Russia), 3rd place in Exotic category
9. Miss Pole Dance Russia 2013, (Krasnoyarsk, Russia), 3rd place in Exotic category

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Tea Sršen – Shaping the Pole Dance World:

From her humble beginnings in her living room, Tea's boundless creativity has birthed numerous iconic pole dance shapes that have rapidly gained popularity worldwide.


You've undoubtedly heard of Prodigy, Spleen, Double Knot, Spider, Pin Up, and many more unnamed innovations. These groundbreaking shapes have become community staples, and Tea is now the proud owner of the "Starhouse" pole dance studio. 

Plus, Tea relies on Hydro Attack body grip to perfect these challenging moves that have never been attempted before. With Hydro, these daring feats become not only easier but safer too!

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Joanna Silva – The Enchantress of Pole Dance:

Hailing from the enchanting city of Lisbon, Portugal, Joanna's journey into the world of athleticism began at a young age with acrobatic gymnastics. She transitioned to street dance in 2001, where her heart belonged to breakdance. Then, in 2007, Joanna's life took a transformative spin when she took her first pole dance class. It was a magnetic encounter that set her on an enthralling path she's never strayed from. Her style, characterized by captivating and fluid movements, is an art form that transcends the boundaries of pole dance.

Today, Joanna entrusts her spellbinding performances to Hydro Attack pole grip, enhancing the beauty and safety of each enthralling routine.

Other competitions:
- “II World Pole Cup” finalist, 2012 / Rio de Janeiro (Brasil).
- “Pole Theatre UK 2015” finalist (Pole Art Category - Professional), 2015 / UK.
- “Pole Theatre UK 2016” winner (Pole Art Category - Professional), 2016 / UK.
- “Pole Theatre World 2016” finalist (Pole Art Category - Professional), 2016 / Prague (Czech Republic).
- “Pole Theatre USA 2017” winner (Pole Art Category - Professional), 2017 / USA.

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Natasa Belic – The Pole Maestro:

Natasa, based in Belgrade, Serbia, is the embodiment of passion and expertise in pole sport and art. Originally trained as a theoretical physicist, she discovered her true calling in pole and never looked back.

Natasa has been a prolific competitor in pole sport and art since 2014, excelling in both single and doubles elite categories. Her proudest moment as an athlete was representing Serbia at the World Pole Sport Championship in 2016.

But her influence doesn't stop at being a remarkable athlete. Natasa has taken on the role of coaching the first Serbian pole spors representation, and she's been preparing competitors for major international competitions ever since. 

And, for her own training, Natasa turns to Hydro Attack body grip spray to conquer slippery poles and enhance her workouts with ease.

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