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 Ease into your pole experience without grip frustrations or toxic grip aids!


You inspire us. We want you to nail that trick, have a blast, and never fret about grip issues again. 


Why resort to toxic chemicals when nature offers all the solutions? Prioritize your skin's well-being!


We're a small business committed to sourcing top-quality ingredients from trusted suppliers. If our product ever falls short of your expectations, we'll issue a refund—no questions asked. 


All my products are as natural as possible and biodegradable. Unfortunately, there's no way around plastic bottles for now so I ask you dear customer to consciously recycle them when done using them. Thank you

When our founder first started teaching pole dancing, she quickly discovered that while there were many grip aids for when your skin is wet with sweat, there weren't many options for tackling slippery poles due to dry skin. So, Hydro Attack was born from the quest for natural, toxin-free products that could enhance the pole dancing experience for her students, helping them conquer grip challenges and slippery poles with confidence.

Suncana Paro Vidolin

Founder and Creative Manager of Hydro Attack. 

Pole dance instructor since 2012.


Comedy and overall winner

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